Report 2015

2015 Report

For a change the weather seemed to be on our side with a glorious week leading up to the fun day which made setting up of the site so much easier and, dare I say it, “Fun” than the previous year’s mud, rain and general dreariness.

The Field seemed to come together in a matter of days with no major panics from the organiser’s point of view, other than the gas main being installed along Layton road which had given us a headache for a couple of weeks but this was well out of the way come the fun day itself.

We had plenty of people drop in, some old friends and some new ones, to lend a hand and the mood was good throughout the week, so much so that we left site all completed early on Friday with a somewhat cautious look at the weather but optimistic nonetheless.

However as seems to be our current run of form the Saturday was far from perfect. The team met at 6.00am to place ‘no parking’ cones on the road to be greeted by very strong winds that were forecast to get worse. A site safety meeting took place at 6.15am and the organisers took the view that the site was safe to go ahead although we would have to ban marquees and inflatables (a somewhat unpopular decision but the correct one as things transpired). Having left site for approximately 30 mins to place the cones we found that two of our marquees had been blown down and wrecked in the wind with two more looking the worse for wear. It was all hands on deck to save the remaining marquees (all day) and we ended up partially winning this battle but one more 12 metre marquee had to be skipped before the event opened and the three that remained upright (due to some fantastic work from our volunteers) showed some battle scars by the end of the day. However to coin a verse from a song we carried on regardless.

By 8.00 am stall holders had started turning up and most were understanding about our no marquee/inflatable policy (by this time winds were gusting to 50mph) however a number were unhappy with our decision and let this be known but we had made a decision for the safety of the general public and we couldn’t risk marquees flying off site or hitting members of the public so we hope in hindsight they can understand our reasoning. Some stallholders left at this point but most stuck it through in challenging conditions and for this we thank you.

Despite the weather (and the birds of prey not being able to do a full display because of the winds) the day was a huge success and generally enjoyed by all we managed to make up for the losses of 2014 with takings of approximately £15,000.00 which is greatly appreciated. This year’s costs have increased from the normal £7,000.00 ish that it usually costs as we have to replace some marquees so we have managed to pay out £2,000.00 currently to our charities and we are holding back around £7,000.00 to enable next year’s event to take place (4th June please get this in your Diary we already have a world famous stunt team booked and some great attractions).

We are holding a Charity Auction night which we have not done for some time on the 30th January 2016 in order to hopefully cover this year’s unforeseen expenditure (marquees etc.) and once this has taken place we are hoping to make further charitable donations.

Please keep watching this space for future events as we are planning another great family event in October/November 2016 which we hope you will all enjoy.